Adopt a Plot Registration

  • Terms of Agreement for Adopt-a-Plot and Share the Harvest:

    The Coppell Community Garden/City of Coppell will provide the garden plot, water, access to tools (except hand tools/pruners), mulch, compost, amendments, and gardening information. A selection of seeds and some transplants will be provided for a nominal cost, when available. Gardeners will:
    • Plant their plot with fruits and vegetables throughout the growing season, March through October. Year round gardening is encouraged.
    • Water as necessary, being responsible for watering method and conservation.
    • Weed their plot AND the walkway around their plot.
    • Chop soft tissue, non-diseased plants for composting to recycle as a valuable source of nitrogen to keep the garden beds healthy. Only large hard-stemmed, weedy, and diseased plants shall leave the garden.
    • Learn and use only organic gardening methods.
    • Harvest their produce. Respect the efforts of other gardeners and not harvest from their plots without permission.
    • Donate 80% of their produce to the Metrocrest food pantry.
    • Participate in the assigned community chores to maintain the garden.
    • If unable to be at the garden to harvest on a Saturday, will contact the garden leader to give permission and instructions about what can be harvested.
    • Check email regularly for garden messages.
    • Register and complete a background check with the City of Coppell.
    • Record volunteer hours on
    1. Harvest and donate 80% of your weekly produce for the Saturday 10:00 AM food pantry pick-up. If you are not available to do it, arrange for another gardener to do it or inform the garden leader. Respect the efforts of other gardeners and do not harvest from their plots without permission.
    2. If, for any reason (health, issues, work), you cannot maintain your plot or have a grievance with others, inform your Garden Manager after taking steps to resolve it yourself.
    3. Each new gardener will pay a one-time processing fee to the Coppell Community Garden when they are assigned to their plot. The fee is $10 for Coppell residents and $20 for non-Coppell residents and is given to the Garden Manager.
    4. Gardeners may adopt only one plot. New or newly available plots shall be given to new gardeners without a plot before being given to an existing gardener. The maximum number of plots assigned to one family or group is one plot or the number of plots assigned the prior year (and only if all plots were maintained and productive the prior year).
    5. The Coppell Community Garden Chair and designated Garden Managers at each garden oversee the gardens. The Garden Managers will assign plots, assist new gardeners, report maintenance issues, check supplies, ensure community chores are being done, check garden plots for compliance with agreement terms and be available to resolve problems. The Garden Manager meetings are open to all gardeners.
    6. Gardeners must adhere to the terms stated above to continue to garden their adopted plot(s). The Garden Manager will contact the gardener of a grievance and work to resolve it within a specified time. If the grievance remains, the plot will be revoked at the discretion of the Garden Manager/Leaders.

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