Adopt a Plot Registration

  • Terms of Agreement for Adopt-a-Plot and Share the Harvest:

    The Coppell Community Garden/City of Coppell will provide the garden plot, water, access to tools (except hand tools/pruners), mulch, compost, amendments, and gardening information. A selection of seeds and some transplants will be provided for a nominal cost, when available. Gardeners will:
    • Fully plant their plot with fruits and vegetables throughout the year. No tall or climbing ornamentals/perennials are to be grown in the plots. Fall plot care will consist of planting winter hardy vegetables, and/or a suitable cover crop, and/or a top dressing of compost or leaves to protect the soil. Gardeners not wanting to garden in the fall may offer their plot to be fostered (provided a foster gardener is available) but must continue to complete their work assignments.
    • Donate at least 80% of their produce to the Metrocrest food pantry.
    • Harvest their produce. Respect the efforts of other gardeners and not harvest from their plots without permission.
    • If unable to be at the garden to harvest on a Saturday, their plot may be harvested if helpers are available.
    • Water as necessary, being responsible for watering method and conservation.
    • Weed their plot AND the pathway around their plot.
    • Dispose of plant material appropriately for composting, as specified at each garden.
    • Learn and use only organic gardening methods.
    • Participate in the community work assignments to maintain the garden.
    • Check email at least weekly and read all garden messages.
    • Register and complete a background check with the City of Coppell.
    • Record volunteer hours on
      Additional Guidelines:
    1. The Coppell Community Garden Chair and designated Garden Managers at each garden oversee the gardens. The Garden Managers and/or their designated Garden Leader(s) will assign plots, assist new gardeners, report maintenance issues, check supplies, ensure community work assignments are being done, check garden plots for compliance with agreement terms, and be available to resolve problems. The Garden Managers meet periodically; meetings are open to all gardeners.
    2. Gardeners may adopt only one plot. The maximum number of plots assigned to one family or group is one plot or the number of plots assigned the prior year (and only if all plots were maintained and productive the prior year). Gardeners may be offered the opportunity to foster a plot until such time as a new gardener adopts the plot.
    3. If for any reason (health, issues, work) you cannot maintain your plot, proactively inform your Garden Manager to determine the best course of action.
    4. Gardeners must adhere to the detailed guidelines in the Gardener Playbook (link provided below) to continue to garden their adopted plot(s). The Garden Manager will contact the gardener and work to resolve non-compliance within a specified time. If the issue remains after two written warnings, the plot may be revoked at the discretion of the Garden Manager.
    5. If for some reason you have a grievance with others, first attempt to resolve the issue with the other person. Our community is a dynamic and diverse group of individuals so good communication is important. The appropriate sequence of dialog to help resolve any issue would be gardener to gardener, gardener to Garden Leader, gardener to Garden Manager, gardener to Committee Chair, gardener to Board President.
    6. Community volunteers (youth and adult) may be available at the gardens from time to time and are managed by the Youth Volunteer Coordinator (if available), the Garden Leader, and/or the gardener who made the request for the assistance.
    7. Each new gardener will pay a one-time processing fee to the Coppell Community Garden when they are assigned to their plot. The fee is $10 for Coppell residents and $20 for non-Coppell residents and is collected by the Garden Manager and given to the Board Treasurer.
  • Gardener Playbook

    All new and renewing gardeners should review the Gardener Playbook for additional details regarding garden operations and commitments.
  • Registration Form

  • Gardener Information: Provide your contact details.

    NOTE: This information is required for all NEW and RENEWING gardeners.
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    MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Helper Information: List others who will be working with you on your plot.

    Garden helpers are optional; however, adult helpers must be listed and must also complete a criminal background check. Please list full legal names and indicate which helpers are adults (18 years of age or older). Adults must also provide a valid email address in order to receive volunteer registration and a background check form. Only complete the fields for the number of helpers you will have. NOTE: This information is required for all NEW and RENEWING gardeners.
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  • Garden Preference

    Please indicate your garden preference or adopt the first plot available at any of our gardens.
  • Agreement and Certification

    You must agree and certify to all conditions before submitting your registration.
  • Garden Leadership

    The Coppell Community Garden program depends on knowledgeable and skilled volunteers to make it successful. If you think you can contribute in a leadership role, please let us know.

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