Organic Gardening Guide

  Interview with a community gardener about organic solutions in the CCG.
What is in the garden sheds. Click here for Organic Products Guide.
Demonstration Video! How to use organic products.
Homemade Recipes from the Dirt Doctor

DYI Starting Transplants

Easy Tips for Vegetables from Community Gardeners

How to make Compost Tea!
Soil Food Web: Organic Gardening focuses on healthy soil to grow healthy plants.
CCG Planting Calendar and Guide

GICD Sustainable Gardening Guide

Build a Square Foot Garden

Harvesting at the Right Time

Girl Scout Troop 8494-Danielle, Erin, Jordan, Nicole, Rachel, and Sonja  

Thank you to the Girl Scouts that designed and organized these resource webpages for their “Sow What” Journey Project.  Every troop does a journey project before they do their Gold Award project.  This troop were community gardeners that saw a need for access to resources. They research, interviewed gardeners, and made how-to videos to help others be more sustainable gardeners.

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