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DIY Composting 101 at Coppell Senior and Community Center/Old Town Garden 

Learn the basics of composting, including how to start your pile, “do’s and don’ts of composting” and also what to do with the compost you create. The second half of the class will be spent in the garden where you can practice hands-on techniques and view composting piles in different stages of decomposition. For more information please contact:



Turn your garbage into plant food! Instead of filling your trash can each week you can reduce the waste carried to landfills by composting more and throwing away less. This program teaches the compost­ing process, the different types and methods of composting, as well as how to compost and its importance.

This class is hosted by Keep Coppell Beautiful. It is free to the public with no registration required.

The Biodiversity Education Center is located at Wagon... Read More >

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