Volunteer in Our Greenhouse

Our greenhouse was established in 2019 through support from our parent organization, the Coppell Sustainable Foods Organization, the City of Coppell and donations from individuals and organizations like The Celanese Foundation, and has been growing over 30,000 seedlings each year.

We start seedlings in our greenhouse and distribute them to our three community gardens and school gardens throughout the Coppell Independent School District. Twice each year, we sell starter plants at the Coppell Farmers Market in order to raise funds to support the greenhouse and to engage with the Coppell gardening community.

Volunteers are needed to start seeds, transplant seedlings to pots, wash and sterilize pots, fertilize seedlings, water plants, clean the greenhouse, deliver seedlings to our community gardens and help with the operation and maintenance of the greenhouse. No prior greenhouse experience is required.

To mitigate the summer heat in Texas, the greenhouse has two evaporative coolers. These coolers require regular maintenance including replacing the media and the water pumps. If you have any experience with evaporative coolers and would like to volunteer, we would really like to hear from you.

Volunteers are needed to operate the greenhouse and to direct and supervise youth volunteers who assist in the greenhouse.

If you would like to volunteer in our greenhouse, please fill out the greenhouse registration and the greenhouse manager will contact you to arrange a meeting.

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