1. What is the process to apply for and receive a plot?

Information about adopting a plot can be found on this website. Click here for complete information.

2. How much does it cost to adopt a plot and does that include?

There is a one-time $10 administration fee for Coppell residents. For non-Coppell residents the fee is $20. The fee is collected when plot is assigned at the orientation to the garden. This includes access to major tools and soil amendmendments and discount seeds. Gardeners usually provide their own hand tools and any specialty soil conditioners, hoses, and seeds or plants.

3. What if I cannot maintain my plot or contribute to the shared garden duties when it is my turn?

If you are unable to care for your plot for a short time, you can ask a fellow gardener to look after yours while you are away. Gardeners who cannot consistently meet the expectations as outlined in the Adopt a Plot Agreement will be asked to surrender their plot. They may apply again when circumstances allow them to resume their commitment.

4. What are my options if all plots are currently taken?

If all plots are currently assigned, applicants will be placed on a ‘waitlist’ until a plot becomes available. Prospective gardeners can work in the gardens on Saturdays, after they have completed the background check process. Please note: Priority will be given to Coppell residents on the waitlist.

5. What if I don’t know anything about growing vegetables?

No experience is necessary. There are plenty of experienced gardeners, garden leaders and managers who will be very happy to guide and teach you.

6. I can’t commit to adopting a plot at this time. How do I sign up to pitch in when my schedule allows?

Regular volunteers who wish to help in the gardens can come to any garden on Saturdays, 8:30 to 10:30 AM. Adults will need register through the City of Coppell website and have a background check completed.

7. How can I earn community service hours?

Teens wanting to earn community service hours for can come to any garden on Saturdays, 8:30 to 10:30. No prior signup is necessary. Bring any required validation documents and wear appropriate clothing for working in a garden.

Adults who want to earn community service hours should make arrangements with garden manager. Contact via email info@coppellcommunitygarden.org

8. Do I need a background check to volunteer with the garden?

All adult volunteers (ages 18 +) who work in city programs must have a background check. Once you register, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the background check form. Teens working for community service hours do not need a background check.

9. How can I get confirmation of the hours I have volunteered with the garden?

We suggest getting confirmation of volunteer hours on the day of your volunteer service by bringing the form you need signed with you. All city volunteers log hours worked on a third party website or sign in at the garden. If you’ve logged hours in either of these ways hours can be confirmed by emailing kcb@coppelltx.gov. Please allow 3-5 days to complete this request.

10. Who can I contact with additional questions?

Feel free to contact info@coppellcommunitygarden.org with any questions you may have that are not answered here.


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