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First Batch of 4,800+ Transplants for 2020 Distributed

The very first batch of 4,800+ transplants for the 2020 season have been distributed to the Coppell Community Gardens and Coppell ISD school gardens from our greenhouse. These transplants are oriented towards cold-hardy winter vegetables.

This first batch of transplants for 2020 reflects lessons learned during our inaugural season of greenhouse production in 2019. They represent a 60% increase in the size a single batch in the greenhouse from the last batch of 2019.

The next... Read More >

Coppell Community Garden Program Sets New Records

The Coppell Community Garden program has set a new annual donation record and surpassed another milestone in cumulative donations as of the end of 2019.

At 20,328 pounds, our total annual donation for 2019 surpassed 20,000 pounds for the first time in the twenty-one year history of the garden program. Our largest garden, Ground Delivery (next to the Coppell Post Office), contributed 9,171 pounds to the total. Our newest garden, Old Town (next to the Coppell Senior Center), set... Read More >

Pinkerton Elementary Garden Harvest October 23, 2019

This week students and teachers at Coppell ISD Pinkerton Elementary school harvested their first batch of green vegetables supplied as transplants from the Coppell Community Garden greenhouse. The harvest was taken to the school’s kitchen. There the greens were made into kale smoothies for the students.

Coppell ISD is participating in a federal program designed to encourage students to grow and consume fresh vegetables to learn more about healthy eating and locally... Read More >

Final Batch of 2,300+ Transplants for 2019 in Distribution

The final planned batch of 2,300+ transplants for 2019 are now being distributed to the Coppell Community Gardens and Coppell ISD school gardens from our greenhouse. These transplants are oriented towards fall crops: beets, bok choy, carrots and turnips.

A prior distribution of over 3,000 transplants was completed in September. This brings the total production of the greenhouse for the 2019 season to over 7,000 transplants since beginning operation in July.

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First Batch of 2,000+ Transplants Delivered

First Batch of Transplants at Greenhouse

The first batch of over 2,000 transplants from the new Coppell Community Garden greenhouse have been distributed. During the month of August, all of the transplants were transferred into production from their initial germination and growth stages.

All three of Coppell’s Community Gardens received the bulk of these transplants starting in the middle of the month. Despite the extreme heat, survival rates have been very... Read More >

Coppell Community Garden Program Donations Surpass 121 Tons

The Coppell Community Garden program has surpassed another major milestone: more than 121 tons of fresh organic produce have been donated to the Metrocrest Services food pantry since the program’s inception in 1998.

As of the end of July, 2019, 242,732 pounds of produce have been donated by the garden program. Now in its 21st year, the addition of a third garden to the program in 2017 has accelerated annual production. Year to date production from all gardens totals... Read More >

New Greenhouse Production Exceeds Expectations

New transplants under grow lights

The Coppell Community Garden greenhouse has been in production since late June. Our transplants seem to like the new environment pretty well.

We are currently growing broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, kale, mustard greens and tomatoes for late summer/early fall production.

New transplants developing in the greenhouse.

Pictured are some of the over 2,000 transplants currently being nurtured in preparation for being moved to... Read More >

New Greenhouse in Production

Coppell Community Garden Greenhouse at night

Have you noticed a pink glow next to Old Town Garden lately? If so, it is from the grow lights in our new greenhouse. It is now in production: we began growing seedlings for our late summer/early fall planting season in late June. The resulting transplants will be provided to all three of the Coppell Community Gardens as well as school gardens in Coppell ISD.

We plan to have our... Read More >

Impromptu Art Class at Old Town Garden

A group of artists from the Hull Art Academy, with permission, took advantage of good light and a beautiful day to paint some of our lovely sunflowers this morning at the Old Town garden. Two plots at the entrance to the garden were planted with a mix of annuals this spring and the sunflowers have recently begun to really show off.

Shown with their handiwork (L to R) are Barbara Carrabella, John Cook, Joy Yao and Susan Fuquay.

2019 Annual Meeting

The Coppell Community Garden Program held its annual Adopt-a-Plot meeting at the Coppell Life Safety Park on Saturday, January 26th, 2019. See the meeting presentation for updated information regarding revisions to the Adopt-a-Plot agreement and emphasis on year-round gardening in 2019:

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