New Greenhouse in Production

Coppell Community Garden Greenhouse at night

Have you noticed a pink glow next to Old Town Garden lately? If so, it is from the grow lights in our new greenhouse. It is now in production: we began growing seedlings for our late summer/early fall planting season in late June. The resulting transplants will be provided to all three of the Coppell Community Gardens as well as school gardens in Coppell ISD.

We plan to have our greenhouse in production year-round. After our current crop has been moved to our various garden destinations, we will begin germinating seeds for winter then next spring’s planting seasons.

Coppell Community Greenhouse

We expect that new our greenhouse will enable our garden program to substantially increase the overall productivity of not only our three gardens but also that of the Coppell ISD school gardens.  Within the 300 square feet of the structure we have over 150 square feet of grow space consisting of built-in benches and tables. This will allow us to nurture almost 2,000 transplants

Watch for more news about our greenhouse as the year progresses.

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