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Coppell Community Garden Experiences Thefts

The mission of the Coppell Community Garden is to grow local produce to donate to those in need. Over the years, the gardens have experienced minor theft of produce and plants. Unfortunately, this activity has intensified within the last several months with the unauthorized removal of large quantities of plants and produce. Volunteer gardeners work diligently to donate thousands of pounds of produce year-round to the Metrocrest Services Food Pantry.

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2018 Annual Meeting

The Coppell Community Garden Program held its annual Adopt-a-Plot meeting at the Coppell Life Safety Park on Saturday, January 27th, 2018. See the meeting presentation for updated information regarding revisions to the Adopt-a-Plot agreement and emphasis on year-round gardening in 2018:



Liberation Coffee Contributes

Liberation Coffee in Coppell was the first local coffee shop we approached to contribute spent coffee grounds to our composting efforts. Ben and Brolen quickly and enthusiastically agreed to help out. Since early in the summer of 2017 they have been providing a weekly batch of grounds to add to the compost we create. Our compost is the primary contributor to the health and productivity of our garden soil - helping us to grow more to help us feed our neighbors in need.

Accelerate Your Compost With Coffee Grounds

Did you know that besides waking you up, coffee can wake up your compost bin? It can; so after you make your morning cup, save your grounds for your compost bin.

Home composters can face a challenge to get needed nitrogen into the mix, especially if they lack access to cut grass or similar sources of nitrogen. Coffee grounds can fill the gap.

Select green (for nitrogen; think cut grass or fresh vegetable scraps) and brown (for carbon; think fallen leaves) materials to add to... Read More >

Commendable Compost



Interview with a Master Composter at Ground Delivery Garden   Everything you need to know to compost from Cornell University Brochure A Comprehensive Resourcefrom a Viewer. Demonstration Video!  Four Steps to Composting.   Compost Demos at both gardens.

Here is the Compost Class Handout   Mulching and Composting- Benefits and How to Use Click here for TCEQ guide.   Coppell residents can buy a compost bin like the ones in the... Read More >

Bugs: Good, Bad, & Ugly

Interview with a longtime community gardener about beneficial insects and pests.   Beneficial Insects Class Handout.   Organic Products and Solutions. List in our Shed.     Pest Solver Guide from Arbico Organics. Learn about plants that attract Butterflies!  Beneficial Insects are Helpful!!! Girl Scout Troop 8494-Danielle, Erin, Jordan, Nicole, Rachel, and Sonja

Thank you to the Girl Scouts that designed and organized these resource webpages for their... Read More >

Organic Gardening Guide

  Interview with a community gardener about organic solutions in the CCG. What is in the garden sheds. Click here for Organic Products Guide. Demonstration Video! How to use organic products. Homemade Recipes from the Dirt Doctor

DYI Starting Transplants

Easy Tips for Vegetables from Community Gardeners How to make Compost Tea! Soil Food Web: Organic Gardening focuses on healthy soil to grow healthy plants. CCG Planting Calendar and Guide

GICD... Read More >

Soil Health

Healthy Soil: the Root to a Bountiful Garden

Healthy Soil: Local Gardener Interview How to Make Compost Tea   Raised Beds

Is your soil flooding?  Get air through the soil by using raised beds.  

    Soil Food Web – Soil Primers

Get the best nourishment for soil with soil primers and other tips to make your soil sing!   Feed the Soil

Key organic fertilizers that have the major nutrients!    Compost Tea Recipe

How to... Read More >

Texas SmartScape

What is SmartScape?  Any gardening tips? Information on plants native and adaptive to Texas. How to maintain your lawn in Texas with money saving tips! Would you like to take a Texas SmartScape tour! Check this out! Need tips on how to conserve water in Texas?   Information on plants native to Texas and other resources. Water conservation and rain gardens.    Need any advice?  Have unanswered questions?  Ask Mr. Smartypants... Read More >

Planting and Harvesting

PLANTING AND HARVESTING: 3 Steps for a Green Garden


1. Starting Point

Sustainable Gardening Tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy garden from GCID.  Food Soil Web

Get the best nourishment for soil with soil primers.


2. Timing is Key

Planting Calendar

When should specific plants and veggies be harvested and planted?  Look here!

When is it warm enough to plant?

Learn which plants thrive in which... Read More >

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