Planting and Harvesting

3 Steps for a Green Garden


1. Starting Point

Sustainable Gardening
Tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy garden from GCID. 
Food Soil Web

Get the best nourishment for soil with soil primers.


2. Timing is Key

Planting Calendar

When should specific plants and veggies be harvested and planted?  Look here!

When is it warm enough to plant?

Learn which plants thrive in which temperatures. Seeds germinate at different times/temps. Chart.


Start your Own Transplants.

When to Start your seeds

Discover the best time to plant your seeds so they are harvested at the right time.




When to Harvest your Vegetables 

Here are some tips to determine whether or not they are ready.



3. The Best for Success

Choose Best Vegetable Varieties

North Central Texas
Can’t decide what what veggie would grow best in Texas?

Recommended Vegetable Varieties


Girl Scout Troop 8494-Danielle, Erin, Jordan, Nicole, Rachel, and Sonja

Thank you to the Girl Scouts that designed and organized these resource webpages for their “Sow What” Journey Project.  Every troop does a journey project before they do their Gold Award project.  This troop were community gardeners that saw a need for access to resources. They research, interviewed gardeners, and made how-to videos to help others be more sustainable gardeners.

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